Management Associates Business Model


 “First Contribute Than Benefit”


Consultdustry is an ASEAN professional business consultancy agency and in cooperation with – associated – independent/self-employed – top-level – native and expatriate – interim managers and consultants – we develop and improve business by practical and proven solutions.


A collaboration: in business consulting to develop consultancy concepts, to expose market presence & execute assignments

interim management association, business consulting association, partnership


Associate business model as top-level business consulting needs a solid infrastructure and partnership.


The basic principle of our management associates business model is;

• business partner & subcontractor

• non-exclusive

• maintaining independence

• value adding for all (client, associate & Consultdustry agency)

• reputation, trust & project commitment

• united, high level of various expertise

• find/offer assignment for and with management associates


Our perspective is that “Top Level Business Consulting Needs An Solid Infrastructure & Partnerships” and that means investing and sharing with like-minded independent interim managers and consultants to add value. Our associates recognise the importance of

• an increase in network and sales power

• a servitude where appropriate assignments are key

– there is a low probability that a specific request – even of your own/personal network – will match your expertise, a trusted colleague could be a better suitable candidate

• access to high value and challenging contracts

– top-level assignments are based on agency reputation, as personal contacts could hinder independence

• quality assurance

– shared concepts, management associates are known; not database selections

• principal & contracts guidance management

– Consultdustry as the counsellor for both client and associate

• contract accountability

– commitment and liability

• employment law conditions

– customer protection on legal matters; work permits, VAT etc

• additional services, expertise and/or team performances,

• partnerships based on trust and sharing to create added value,

• connected by a corresponding philosophy in vision, approach and entrepreneurship

Note that only “real independent and dedicated professionals” – aiming for higher goals then just a job and an income (being privileged has an obligation), or in between jobs, or not only interested if (at short-term) available for just another assignment – are needed. Consultdustry is not an accommodation for provisionally passengers or job hunters!


A collaboration based on mutual willingness

• long-term contribution commitment / engagement,

• integrity/quality and

• personal connection / chemistry.


Consultdustry Goal and Associates Benefits

collaboration, partnership business consulting, associates benefits


Collaboration in business consulting: associates benefits and Consultdustry goal


Profile of Management Associates

• working experience:

– executives/consultants – 25 years with minimum 10 years C-level

– professionals – 15 years with minimum 5 years senior level

– in industry, construction, engineering & contracting and/or wholesale/trade

– few different companies, preferably as managing director/CEO, business owner, a major shareholder

• minimum 2 years of experience as an interim manager/consultant

• counselling/business advice and development experience

– business coaching, strategy and management consulting, business planning, business development, change management, efficiency improvements, mergers and acquisitions, financial / advice and financial restructuring, (conflict) mediation

• interim management experience

– a. executive interim management: crisis and/or recovery, turnaround, transition, start-up (counseling + development)

– b. temporary management: projects, expertise, capacity (professional / operational)

• a generalist with special expertise (issues, situations, processes, sector)

• proven track record

• preferably registered as independent, self-employed person

– (preferably or plans to do)

• location:

– Thailand based or SE Asia, able to work in Thailand and Asian Pacific Area


Skills of Management Associates

• independent, open-minded, flexible but unwavering when needs to be

• self-knowledge, overqualified and a need for new challenges

– (is a guarantee, avoid extended stay)

• project management

– (goal, resources, time, milestones, deliverables)

• strategic insight

• professional modern consultancy approach

– (core principles of servitude, take responsibility and deliver results)

• transparent, primarily result driven

(on organisational business interests, not principal)

• proactive, stress stable and a decision maker

• effective in different situational leadership styles

– (commanding, visionary, affiliative, democratic, pacesetting, coaching)

• a do-er, finisher, hands-on, a realist with an entrepreneurial spirit

• team player / people-manager, able to mobilise and activate people

• able to communicate on all levels

• robust personality, empathic and trustful

• unprejudiced, devoted and respectable/incorruptible

• delivers an optimum return on assignment

– (sustainable added value)


The “Fit” – Cooperation with Management Associates

• add value to the inner-circle of management associates

• commercial driven and effective in promotional + acquisition activities

• willing to share knowledge with others

• willing to invest time

• interlocutor for management board and directors

• accepts the subcontractor role

• knows own strengths/weaknesses; accept only near perfect matched assignments

• able to work in Thailand and Asian Pacific Area



• all contracts are handled by Consultdustry or by us appointed contract entity

• termination associateship if for 6 months no leads or no contacts

• exclusivity in no similar promotion/acquisition network for third parties regarding our management services and target sectors

– (mandatory reporting secondary activities)

• no membership fee and but also no monthly revenue/income fees

– (% payment only orders)

• visas and work permits are on personal agreement

– (can be provided if desired)

• debtor risk is partly for personal account

• the succession of “hard” leads will result in a reduction in the offset

• all (personal) expenses are for own account

– no declaration possible (exceptions must be agreed in writing in advance)

• 6 weekly written reports and 6 weekly associate meetings

– (topics; current affairs, internal organisation, current orders and quality, marketing/promotions, acquisition and sales status)


Structure of Fees and Surcharges

• contact for details Consultdustry management