Interim Management


“Executive Interim Management - Business Problem Solvers”

Interim management: ratio in tasks and time activities in change management (executive interim managers) and operational management (temporary management)

Appropriate Term;
• Business Problem Solvers

Executive interim management;
• interim c-level executives
• to lead daily operations,
• plan and execute (strategy, growth, restructure, culture & change)-programs,
• with a focus on delivering agreed outcomes,
• acting in “uncommon, risky and nasty jobs”
• such as crisis/recovery, turn-around, transition, start-up and statutory executive interim management.

Consultdustry provides Executive Interim Management, in cooperation with associated executive interim managers, who ensure sustainable results, as they are;
• highly experienced, C-level executives (associated interim managers)
• with specialist expertise and
• a proven track record
• hired on a project basis to solve problems
• managing the day to day operations
• fulfilling these line management responsibilities
• as well managing a period of transition or crisis
• for this period they are responsible for implementing a planned change
• on a contract base that will be delimited by time and will have defined objectives to achieve
• in this interim managers are offering a more cost-effective, practical and result driven solution than management consultants.

In executive interim management, we distinguish the following services which are often associated with the urgency of executive interim management contracts;
• Crisis / Recovery Interim Management
• Turn-around Interim Management
• Transition Interim Management
• Start-up Interim Management
• Executive Interim Management as temporary statutory managing director